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Self taught Artist & Mountain lover. I need to be surrounded by Nature, Beauty & Joy. 

"Véronique Marmet is part of the category of those undefeated painters, who do not allow themselves to be deceived by prevarications. They persevere until nature is reduced to showing itself completely naked and in its true spirit. The form is in its figures what it is for us: a medium to communicate to us ideas, sensations, a vast poetry. Through the glaze, a thin layer of transparent paint intended to give a sort of iridescent relief to a color which has already dried, she takes us into a universe drenched in light. In her sculpted work, she certainly needs faith in art and living a long time with the material to produce such a creation. You have to look carefully at her work, and we understand better what the shape and contours mean, the highlight advocated by the ancients.


Nelly L’Epplatenier 2008”

“Enter the light after having learned the shadow by heart”. This phrase from the painter Léonard Valette resonates with me. 

I like chiaroscuro, contrasts, texture, strength, vitality. The materials fascinate me. It’s not the subject that matters to me but the emotion that will come out while watching it. I need to touch, to feel, to become one with my material to feel complete. I ignore concepts: I listen to the canvas, the metal, and I let myself be guided. I tame the work little by little as it emerges. It is often a “struggle”, which I like, not made of aggression but of strength, perseverance and tenacity. Even when I paint, I feel this struggle.

During a trip to Asia in 2011, where I left with just pens, thread and a piece of canvas, I discovered and let out a new part of me; softness, lightness, femininity, no more struggle! Was it due to the “zen” countries? that I was crossing,  to  the kindness of people? Or was it just time for me to let these traits out? When I returned I no longer painted, but drew on the canvas in order to explore this new path.

At the same time, I started to do a lot of mountain climbing: walking, climbing, mountaineering... I realized that my “struggle” had resumed but on another playing field: a dirt or mountain terrain. snow, dizziness and rock. Today, I am starting to paint again, with a different conscience. My struggle seems gentler to me, perhaps the passion for the mountains has transformed it?
It nourishes me and brings me new energy for the creation which is vital to me.

Born in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1969.
Véronique has always been a creative person, but the urge to paint became vital when she discovered oil painting at the age of 16.
Three years later, she moved to New York City for a year. Away from familiar surroundings and from her cultural background, her own language emerged, her signature as it were, from the deep-seated need to share and to communicate with others.
She then started to learn other art forms, taking ceramics classes
with Anne Campiche, stone shaping and carving with David
D’Ambrosio, metal sculpture with Lewis Hofmann, casting and
cement with Yolande Biver and steel engraving with Corinne Rod.
From then on, Fire and Metal became a central component
of her artistic activity, bringing her moments of fullness, allowing
her to blend body and soul into the mastery of matter.
Very close to nature, Véronique soaks up the gorgeous landscapes and views that our world has to offer and captures them in her art. As soon as she can, she escapes, goes on a journey and returns, her mind full of the mystery that pervades her work.
With renewed passion every day, Véronique plays with light
and transcends shadows. In her hands, chiaroscuri, contrasts
and textures come alive with a delightful vitality!



2013              Biennale des quais de Montreux

2013              Exposition collective "Femmes13", place

                      Suisse des Arts, Lausanne

2013              Plexus Art Gallery, Montreux

2012              MAG, Montreux Art Gallery

2012              Exposition collective "drawings", place 

                      Suisse des Arts, Lausanne

2012              Exposition collective Artposition12, Fribourg

2011/12          Galerie ESF - Espace Saint-François, Lausanne

2010              La boutique, San Francisco, USA

2009             Galerie E. Roch, Ballens

2008             Galerie Nelly L'Epplatenier Lausanne-Flon

2005-06       Fondation de l'Estrée, Ropraz

2003             Galerie Shakan Ouchy

2001              Expo collective «Limner Gallery» NYC, USA



Collections privées


2009              Banque Valiant, Lausanne

2009              C&R Group SA, Lonay

2007              Fiduciaire Favre, Lausanne

2006+09       Centre de recherche Nestlé, Vers-chez-les-                               Blanc

2005              Atelier d'Architecture Grand SA, Treytorrens

2002              Teamwork International, Lausanne





2012         Valiant Award, prix du public Arposition12

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